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My bio

My name is Jinghao Xiao, and I'm passionate about helping people become a better versions of themselves through design. I'm dedicated to creating products and services with the end user in mind, as well as branding, customer retention, and market competition. So I'm confident in learning new things and love to work with people who shared the common goal.

My Story

My design journey started with my first ever UXD project in a digital marketing course back in my undergraduate study for creating a website that helps patients schedule their dentist appointment online. And then design is becoming my lifelong hobby.


I continue learning about User Experience Design in my master's degree at the University of Toronto.  Throughout the projects I did in the coursework and website redesign concepts I did outside the class.  Combined with my marketing background,  I now have the skills to translate business and user needs into solution concepts that is easy to use, engaging and meaningful.  And I can also utilize quantitate and qualitative research to generate meaningful insights that will drive creative concepts.  And design user journey map, information architecture, wireframes, storyboards and prototypes.

Being a great UX strategist is not only about strong creativity and execution; it is about the more skills, learnings, interests, ambitions, failures, and experiences I seek and experience, the more effective I will be. Quote from my mentor back in university "Be a generalist; your career will thank you."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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